Karate High School 3rd Year “Form” National Tournament Online Held Corona Impact May 31 19:23

In response to the discontinuation of high school nationwide due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, the Karatedo specialized department of the National High School Athletic Federation, Kotairen, is planning to form a "shape" targeting third year high school students from next month. It was decided to hold the national convention of.

Karatedo, which is the national high school overall, was supposed to be held in Gunma prefecture this August, but it was decided to stop due to the spread of new coronavirus infection.

In response to this, the Karatedo Department of Takada Ren will instead hold a national competition of "shape" for third graders to compete for speed and accuracy of the technique from next month to July.

According to a person involved, from the 2nd, we will send a video of the performance video taken in the form of a plan to accept the application required for participation on the homepage of Takada Ren, and receive a referee's score.

It means that the players who participated in the tournament will be limited to the best 16 first, and then the best 8 players will be selected and the final winner and runner-up will be decided in the middle of July.

"I was looking for something for my 3rd year student because Inter High was canceled and I was looking for something to do for this tournament, and I hope it will help me go on to university, etc." Is talking.

Expecting Tokyo Olympic Karate money Kiyuname "I want you to hit everything"

About this, Ryo Kitomo, who is expected to win a gold medal in the shape of karate at the Tokyo Olympics, said, "I think it's good for third-year students because they can set new goals. I have learned and cultivated over three years. I want you to hit all your strength and do your best. "