Data picture: The picture shows the local track and field world championships in London on August 5, 2017. Bolt kissed the track affectionately after the men's 100m.

  China News Client Beijing, May 31 (Xing Rui) 12 years ago today, the New York Reebok Athletics Grand Prix is ​​in progress. With the sound of starting guns in the Icahn stadium, a Jamaican athlete wearing a white uniform was like a lightning bolt, throwing all his opponents behind. 9 seconds 72! This young master of Usain Bolt broke the world 100m record for the first time in his career.

  In the nine years since then, there are only two people left in the world men's sprint: one is Bolt and the other is other athletes.

Bolt broke the 100-meter world record for the first time.

Speak with speed

  In fact, before Bolt became the recognized "lightning" in the world, almost all coaches believed that his thin and long height could not beat those shorter and stronger opponents in the 100-meter race. Therefore, he chose 200 meters and 400 meters as the main project.

  In his childhood, Bolt didn't like running at all. He will only stand on the runway under the temptation of food. Bolt has always dreamed of becoming a cricketer. Until his father told him: Cricket depends on teammates no matter how good they are, but everything is up to you on the runway.

  Bolt, who likes to control everything, realized the significance of running and regarded this as his career for the first half of his life.

Data map: Rio 2016 is Bolt's last Olympic event. He is unwilling to continue to sit firmly in the 100-meter, 200-meter championship. On the court, I saw him riding the dust, with a mischievous look at his opponent's efforts.

  Soon, the extremely talented Bolt made his debut in the 200 meters. In the 2002 World Youth Championships, Bolt won the 200m gold medal at home and became the youngest World Youth Championship at the time.

  But the good times didn't last long. Bolt fell to the training ground because of a ruptured Achilles tendon in the 2004 season. At the Athens Olympics, he was eliminated in the first round of the 200 meters.

  At that time, Bolt knew that he had scoliosis and his right leg was 1.3 cm shorter than his left leg. These symptoms will make him overwhelmed in the 200-meter project: the bend will continue to destroy Bolt's body.

  In 2007, Bolt proposed to the then coach Mills to switch to 100 meters. The coach told him that only by breaking the domestic 200m record can he practice 100m. The national record is a piece of cake for Bolt, and it didn't take long for him to stand on the hundred-meter runway.

  The bridge section of the story has also become out of control since this moment.

Data Map: On August 18, local time, in the Rio Olympics men's 200m final, Jamaican "Lightning" Bolt won the championship with a score of 19 seconds 78. China News reporter Du Yangshe

  The New York Reebok Athletics Grand Prix is ​​just the fifth 100m race that Bolt has participated in. It is said that "Lightning will not hit the same place twice", but this statement is invalid on Bolt, nicknamed "Lightning". Beijing Olympic Games, he once again hit the nerves of the world.

  Now looking back at the video of the game at that time, you will still feel bloody: there are about 20 meters left from the finish line, and the final 1/5 of the finals is clearly not over. The far-leading Bolt has slowed down. Just before crossing the line, he raised his hand and patted his chest-time freeze, 9 seconds 69, he broke the world record set in New York two months ago.

  After the game, Bolt bent his right hand and pointed his left finger to the sky like a bow. This action became a symbol of human challenge to the extreme speed.

Data Map: Bolt "Bow Shooting".

When victory becomes a habit

  If Bolt proves his dominance, a gold medal is not enough, then in the next 200 meters final, Bolt blocked everyone's mouth. On the day when the 200-meter Olympic track once again broke the world record, he celebrated his 22nd birthday.

  This is undoubtedly an age full of hope, and Bolt's continuous breakthrough of his story is far from over.

  Bolt's 100-meter limit finally stopped at 9 seconds 58. From the beginning of the World Championships in Berlin, 11 years have passed. No one can shake the myth created by Usain Bolt.

  In Bolt's "Golden Age", few athletes could pose a direct threat to him in the game. Some people say: As an audience, it is lucky to be in the same era as Boltson; but for sprinters, this is sad.

  From the Beijing Olympics to the Rio Olympics, Bolt won a total of 8 gold medals, breaking the world record he kept time and time again.

  Sometimes, invincibility is a lonely thing. As long as Bolt participates in the competition, other players can only compete for the second place. Under the aura of "Lightning", all the famous sprinters were eclipsed.

Data Map: On August 5, 2017, after the London World Championships 100-meter trapeze battle, Gatling took the lead and crossed the finish line, turned to kneel and put his knees on his "enemy", like a ceremony, say goodbye King. Bolt stood there and smiled. Those who are fortunate to witness his creation of myth are happy.

  This situation changed at the 2017 London World Championships. Bolt, who was nearly 31 years old at that time, lost to Gatlin, who had been suppressed by him for many years in the 100m finals, and ended with a bronze medal. After the game, Gatlin knelt on one knee, placed his hands on his forehead, and made a tribute to Bolt, who was four years younger than himself. Boltra picked him up, and the two hugged each other tightly, feeling sorry for each other.

  Bolt's fantasy story still did not usher in a fairy tale-like perfect ending. When this World Championship ended, Bolt ran around the 400-meter runway of the "London Bowl" and officially announced his retirement. Turning the hour hand here, the king of 100 meters of an era faded out of the historical stage with regret.

  But for Bolt himself, he seems to have quickly accepted the dissatisfaction at the end of his career. In an interview, Bolt said: "I'm sorry I didn't get the 100m championship this time, but I'm not unhappy because I have done everything I can."

Information map: On August 13, 2017 local time, after all the events of the London IAAF World Athletics Championships ended, Bolt appeared on the field and bid farewell to the audience. China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

Run another way

  After leaving the track and field, the casual Bolt has been committed to turning his hobby into a profession.

  He loved cricket when he was a kid, and when he grew up, he fell in love with football. Bolt expressed his longing for the greenery field before he retired. It was only at that time that people thought it was just his imagination.

  But it turns out that Bolt's crazy ideas have been brewing for a long time. Only half a year after retiring, he could not wait to embark on the road of football.

  In March 2018, Bolt came to the Bundesliga team Dortmund for training. The coaching staff conducted a football talent assessment based on his characteristics. In the public training class, he also cooperated with Mario Goetze vividly.

  But after all, it is "across the mountains", and it is not easy for professional players to play in the five leagues, not to mention that Bolt is still an old cross-border white.

Data map: October 12, local time, Sydney, Australia, 18/19 season Australian Superseason preseason, the Jamaican sprinter Bolt's Central Coast Mariners beat MacArthur Southwest 4-0. Bolt started in the game and scored two goals.

  Bolt's enthusiasm still failed to knock on Dortmund's door. However, in the Australian Super League's Central Coast Mariners, he saw the hope of becoming a professional player.

  In the team's warm-up match, Bolt got the chance to appear. In the game with MacArthur Southwest United, Bolt made his debut and completed the "double score." After the game, he said excitedly: "This game is related to whether I can get an official contract, which is related to my football career."

  However, challenging one's "rice bowl" with one's hobbies was originally a matter of little chance. Although Bolt's speed can crush the whole game, but the position, coordination and foot skills are all irreparable for Bolt.

  Last January, Bolt announced goodbye to football through social media: "My football career is over."

  Strictly speaking, Bolt's football dream is too late to start, it has already died. But what does it matter? He once said: "I hope I can be remembered as one of the greatest athletes of all time."

  With or without football, Bolt's goal has been achieved. Not long ago, Bolt ushered in his first child and withdrew from the sports world. In the second half of his life, he just started, some of them are kung fu, some are time. (Finish)