The client of, May 31. In the early morning of Beijing time on the 31st, the 2019-20 season Bundesliga continues. In the match between Bayern Munich and Düsseldorf, with the goals of Lewandowski, Paval, Davis and others, Bayern finally won a 5: 0 victory to further stabilize In order to take the lead in the standings.

  In this week's focus battle, Bayern defeated Dort 1-0 in the national derby and scored a crucial three points. In this round of the main scene, Bayern has an advantage in all aspects of Düsseldorf, who are still relegating. In the first round of the season, Bayern defeated their opponents 4: 0 away.

  At the beginning of the game, Bayern exerted strong pressure on the opponent, and the deadlock was broken in the 14th minute. Mueller made a diagonal pass from the left, Gnabri swept the ball on the right side of the penalty area, and Pabal, who was out of balance, pushed forward from the front of the small penalty area. The ball was pushed into the gate by Sanka's thigh and the score came to 1: 0.

  In the 29th minute, Bayern expanded their advantage. Kimi kicked a corner kick on the right, Pavar grabbed a header from a small penalty area and broke the goal, 2: 0. After getting a two-goal lead early, Bayern played more freely, and Düsseldorf playing away from home was difficult to cause trouble for opponents.

  Lewan scored another goal before the end of the half, basically locked the game victory. Kimish broke through to the heel of the penalty area and Mueller knocked back again. Lewandowski easily pushed the empty goal.

  Bayern's offensive continued in the second half. In the 49th minute, Coman picked a pass to the right, Gnabri crossed the ball low, and Lewan, who was out in place, used his heel to complete the goal. This is the 43rd goal that Lewan has scored in all competitions this season, including 29 goals in 27 games in the league, surpassing Immobile (27 goals) to reach the top five league goalscorers this season.

  Two minutes later, the now hot teenager Alfonso Davies broke the goal after completing the frontcourt counterattack, and the final score was fixed at 5: 0.

  After a big victory at home, Bayern played one more game and led Dortmund by 10 points. With only five rounds left in the league, Bayern are getting closer and closer to the defending Bundesliga champion. (Finish)