According to official data, nearly 28,000 people have died in Brazil as a result of covid-19. And despite reporting many new infections and deaths on a daily basis, the president wants the football, which was paused in mid-March, to start again. He recently said in a radio interview that football players run little risk if they are infected with the corona virus.

- Since football players are young athletes, the risk of a deadly outcome is drastically reduced if they are infected with the virus, he says.

Local authorities decide

He also referred to his own sports background when he said in March that he would probably only get a mild cold if he was infected.

Bolsonaro says the motive for getting football started again is the economy.

- The players have to survive in some way, he says, pointing out that although there is no need for the well-paid big stars, there are many players in the lower leagues who have to play "to give their families food".

But it is not for the president to decide when the game can start again without the local authorities. Among other things, Rio's mayor Marcelo Crivella has approved that training will resume in June and that match play should be started in July.

The Bundesliga increased the heat

But sports journalist Mauro Cezar Pereira says it all feels rushed.

- It reflects the fact that some clubs are deeply indebted and dependent on broadcast revenue. The Bundesliga restart intensified the heat. But unlike in Germany, the infection curve is still rising in Brazil, he says.