China News Service, May 30, Japan J League official website revealed on the 29th that the J1 league confirmation will be reopened on July 4 and the departure date of the J2 league and J3 league will be set on June 27. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the game will be temporarily conducted in an empty field without spectators. After the epidemic is controlled, it is decided to greet the fans in a safe state.

Screenshot of the announcement of the announcement of the Japan J-League rematch

  Due to the recent effective control of the new crown epidemic in Japan, Japan lifted the state of emergency on the 25th of this month, which is also an important step for the restart of the J-League. On the 29th, the Japan J-League Union met to discuss the specific rematch date, and the final decision will be announced in the evening.

  In response to the emergency domestic situation, the chairman of the J League League, Murai, said: "With the good news, we have seen the dawn of resuming the game. However, we cannot relax our vigilance. We will put the health of the players first and combine The Bundesliga ’s previous successful experience in the recovery of empty courts has done enough homework to restart the tournament in an orderly and safe manner. "

  Previously, the J-League was suspended due to the epidemic on February 25, and has experienced five extensions. This time, after careful consideration, the final date was finally finalized. Due to the tight time, the J League said that the system of all subsequent matches will be recombined, from the perspective of epidemic prevention and control, priority will be given to the competition between adjacent clubs. It is expected that the reopening schedule and matchup will be released on June 15.

  At present, South Korea's K-League and European Bundesliga have restarted. La Liga, Serie A and the Premier League have all confirmed the rematch time. The Chinese Super League has frequently heard the news of the reopening of the game. The noise of the world sports are slowly recovering from the football field. (Finish)