, May 30, based on news from multiple Spanish media, Spanish prosecutors demanded that Atletico striker Diego Costa, who was involved in tax evasion in 2014, be sentenced to six months in prison and a fine of more than 500,000 euros. The Madrid District Court will hear the case on June 4 local time.

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  In 2014 Costa left Atletico and joined Chelsea. Before joining Chelsea at the beginning of the year, he and Adi signed a 800,000 euros sponsorship contract. Last year, the Spanish tax department prosecutor accused Diego Costa of fraudulently obtaining 1 million euros from the Ministry of Finance. The player directly or through a third party obtained 1.37 million euros in income from the transfer of his portrait rights, and used the sponsorship contract with Adidas to conceal This income.

  The player himself insists that his sponsorship contract with Adidas was signed before joining Chelsea. The Western Ministry of Finance stated that he lived in Spain in the first six months of 2014 and should pay taxes. Costa said that he lived in the UK and was not obliged to pay taxes.

Data Map: Diego Costa represented the Spanish national team in the 2018 Russia World Cup. China News Agency reporter Tian Bochuan

  It is reported that Costa's agent has successfully eluted one of the two counts for him. Because the sponsor directly hit the money into Costa ’s Spanish bank account, he did not use the shell company to evade taxes, so there was no fraud, and the West Ministry of Finance agreed with this statement.

  According to Spanish law, as long as Costa can make up for the arrears of taxes, he will not have to be imprisoned. Earlier, Mourinho, Messi and others were punished by the Spanish prosecutor for tax evasion, but they were all protected from prison. (Finish)