China News Service, May 30. According to multiple foreign media sources, Bolivia's 25-year-old football player Deibert Frans Roman Guzman died of new crown pneumonia after treatment failed. His father and uncle had both passed away after being diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia.

Bolivia Football Association social media dynamic screenshots

  According to reports, Guzman's departure has worsened his entire family. Prior to this, his father Belizano Roman and uncle Camelo Roman died after the diagnosis of the new crown.

  The Guzman family is located in Beni province, one of the most severely affected areas in Bolivia. And their family also has a close relationship with football. Guzman played for Bolivia ’s top national team, Putos Sports, and also played for Bolivia ’s youth team. His father was the former chairman of a club, and his uncle was in A professional club holds the position of coach.

  The Football Association of Bolivia mourned the death of Guzman. The President of the Football Association of the country, Angel Suarez, said: "As an association, we are regretful and frustrated that such a thing has happened. The new crown virus is killing many people. This disease also happens to many football players. We express our condolences to his friends and family and pray that God will give us strength during these difficult times. "(End)