China News Service, May 30. Forbes recently announced the world's sports income list for the past year. Swiss King Federer topped the list. Ronaldo and Messi, who all had different degrees of salary reduction during the epidemic, followed closely, and also earned Billion. Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka topped the list of female athletes with 37.4 million US dollars, ranking 29th in the total list.

  With a revenue of US $ 166.3 million, he overwhelmed Ronaldo, Messi and other sports stars, and Swiss tennis star Federer became the world's highest-paid athlete in the past year. And he also became the first tennis player to top the list, making another history for the world tennis.

  After Federer, Ronaldo ($ 150 million), Messi ($ 14 million), Neymar ($ 95.5 million) and LeBron James ($ 88.2 million) ranked second to fifth respectively. . "During the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, both Ronaldo and Messi received different degrees of salary cuts and 'helped' Federer to top the list," Forbes said in the report.

  Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka became the highest-paid female athlete with a score of 37.4 million US dollars, and she also ranked 29th in the total list.

  Among the top 100 athletes, basketball players occupy 35 seats and become the most important event. American football is followed by 31 seats, of which 6-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady is ranked at 45 million US dollars. 25th. Football players occupy the third place with 14 seats. Tennis, boxing, mixed martial arts and racing are selected for 6, 5, 4 and 3 respectively. Baseball and cricket each have 1 player on the list. (Finish)