Soccer England Premier League reopens next month 17 May 29 7:57

Soccer's English Premier League has decided to resume the league match that was suspended from March due to the spread of the new coronavirus on March 17th.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the Premier League interrupted the league game after the match that was held on March 9, but from 19th of this month, the clubs started to practice again.

The Premier League made a statement on the 28th and announced that it has decided to resume the league match from the 17th of next month. The games are open to the public and the remaining 92 games are all televised.

In the Premier League, the new coronavirus is being tested on players and staff from 20 clubs, and a test targeting 1008 people on the 25th and 26th of this month showed a positive reaction to a total of 4 in 3 clubs. It has come out. Including the results of this test, a total of 12 people had a positive reaction in the previous three tests.

Premier League CEO Richard Masters said, "This schedule will be approved by meeting the safety requirements, and we will continue to work one by one to resume it." I showed you.