When the German league today resumed and Madelen Janogys Wolfsburg played, she was not included. She is at home in Sweden and has agreed with the club to be so for at least six weeks.

The reason for this is mainly sleep problems, but she does not want to go into what they are due to.

- I have a very, very, tough background that is different from many others. But I've always driven, I've done since I was a kid. While I haven't told anyone. Football has been my refuge, she tells Expressen.

The sleep problems began roughly when she joined the a-team for the first time, but things have gotten worse since then and the move to Wolfsburg has also had a negative impact.

- I did not feel bad about the workouts themselves, or when we were out and doing or finding something with the teammates. But in the evenings, it was a nightmare. I slept poorly already when I came to Wolfsburg but then it just got worse and worse. But I didn't tell anyone, she says.