Athletes identified six reasons behind the love of the sports street and the public in the country for the national team players from the generation of 90, despite the passage of 30 years since the national team qualified for the World Cup in Italy, noting that these reasons are to bring the Emirates ball to the world after the historical achievement they achieved For the World Cup for the first time in the history of football and the introduction of joy in every Emirati house at that time, the great sacrifices they were making in order to write a new history for the Emirates ball and loyalty and great giving in the stadium for the sake of the logo, as well as their great love for the game and the challenge between them to reflect the bright face of the ball UAE, and to play without waiting for any return.

They told «Emirates Today»: «Although the current generation of players is distinguished and talented, and it was also able to achieve a new historical achievement by reaching the World Cup for the second time, but it did not reach the great love position that everyone holds for the national team of the 90th generation.

For his part, former director of the first football team of Al-Nasr Club, Khalid Obaid, saw that “the players of the 90th generation were the makers of the big move that the UAE football witnessed and brought it to the world, and it is enough that they brought the UAE football to the world by qualifying to the World Cup despite the difficulty of competition at that time in front of Strong teams, and for me I consider them soldiers of their homeland and made many sacrifices in order to defend the slogan they wore with love, dedication and sincerity and they were always ready to present everything in order to write a new history for Emirates football in the global football forums.

He continued, “The 90th generation lived close up, and I know very well the great sacrifices that they have been making for many years, whether at the expense of their official jobs or their families, in order to serve their country. Therefore, this generation entered the hearts of all people after leaving a great imprint on the Emirates ball.” .

Khaled Obaid considered that "the measure of football achievement is always qualifying for the World Cup and the Asian Cup, not the Gulf Cup."

In turn, the former World Cup referee in football, Issa Darwish, affirmed that «the great and historic achievement achieved by the 90th generation will remain immortal in the memory of every Emirati, and although the players at that time were getting less material return with their clubs compared to the current situation, the giving and achievements And the positive results were more, which led that generation to achieve the greatest achievement in the history of Emirates football, which is to reach the World Cup in Italy ».

He added, "Although the players at the time were not professional but amateurs, their technical potential was high, and the level of the UAE league was also technically distinct and match played, which led the players of the previous generation to excellence and achieve historical achievements."

And Issa Darwish pointed to the "high collective spirit that characterized the players of the 90th generation, as it was a generation characterized by challenge and love of the slogan."

For his part, President of the Chess Federation, Dr. Sarhan Al-Muaini, affirmed that “the 90th generation and the previous generation left a huge imprint on the Emirates ball through the great achievements they achieved at that time, which ultimately culminated in qualifying for the World Cup as the most important and greatest achievement in the history of football UAE, describing the players as being loyal soldiers of their homeland, the Emirates. ”

He added, "Adnan Al-Taliani and his fellow players of the national team, the 90th generation, were distinguished by a spirit of enthusiasm and a great desire to challenge, through to achieving football achievements."

He added, "They were paying money from their pockets in order to play football, and they were not waiting for any financial return. Rather, they practiced football in love in the game itself," noting that "that generation had a spirit of cooperation, love, lack of arrogance and vanity."

He concluded, "The current generation is also excellent, and it was possible to reach the Emirates Ball to the World Cup for the second time, but this did not happen despite the great financial capabilities that were available to it."

The 6 reasons

1- The historical achievement they achieved for the Emirates ball by reaching the World Cup.

2- The great sacrifices they made at the expense of their families and their official business, to write a new history for Emirates football.

3- They love the game without waiting for any money, since they were playing as amateurs, not professionals.

4- Distinguishing them with high football talent, challenge and giving on the field for the slogan they wear.

5- Dealing with everyone spontaneously and spontaneously, away from the arrogance or vanity.

6- The spirit of love and bonding that united each other with the heart of one man.

- the current generation of talented, but he did not reach the status of veteran players.

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