Rugby Temporary rule change proposal to reduce contact play New Corona May 28 21:50

Rugby's international organization, World Rugby, has summarized a temporary rule change plan, such as not reassembling scrum to reduce heavy contact between players as a measure to prevent new coronavirus infection. It means that it can be applied at the discretion of the member associations and the organizers.

The changes proposed by World Rugby include not reassembling when rugby's iconic "Scrum" collapses, shortening the play time in "Rack" and "Mall" that are densely defended I am.

After testing 60 games, applying the rules could reduce contact play by more than 30% in Scrum, up to 25% in Luck and at least 50% in Mall.

In addition, we recommend disinfecting your hands and face before and after the match, while prohibiting spitting, blowing your nose, and forming a circle.

This rule can be applied at the discretion of member associations and tournament organizers. The Japan Rugby Association said, "We would like to consider whether to apply it considering the infection situation in the country and the scale of the competition."