On September 4, 2019, Chinese men's basketball coach Li Nan was on the sidelines. On the same day, in the 2019 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup Group A group match in Beijing, the Chinese team lost to Venezuela 59:72. China News Service reporter photo

  The client of Chinanews.com, May 28th. On the 28th, CBA Jiangsu Kendiya Men's Basketball announced that it had hired former Chinese men's basketball coach Li Nan as a team consultant.

  Jiangsu Kendeiya team said that in order to further strengthen the strength of the coaching staff, the club officially hired the former national men's basketball team coach Li Nan as a consultant.

  Kendia Men's Basketball said that Li Nan's guidance was an outstanding representative of the "golden generation" during the player period. After retiring, he served as the head coach of the Bayi Men's Basketball youth team, the assistant coach of the national men's basketball team, and the coach of the national men's basketball team. Basketball has a very deep understanding and understanding. Jiangsu Kendia Club is still in the process of "waking up" and needs to upgrade the coaching staff configuration, so he sent an invitation to Li Nan for guidance. The two sides soon reached an agreement. From now on, Li Nan will officially serve as a club consultant.

  "Our goal is to focus on training young players, and in the training of the first, second and third teams, we urgently need the guidance of Li Nan. Such a talent who has a high understanding of Chinese basketball. I believe that the joining of Li Nan can help the team grow better." Li Haixing, chairman of Jiangsu Kendia Group, said.

  Jiangsu Kendia revealed that after Li Nan left the national team, several clubs extended olive branches to him, but Li Nan refused one by one and chose Jiangsu Kendia. "Actually, it should be said that I have been in contact with Jiangsu Kendia for a long time. During the player period, Hu Xuefeng was a very good friend. The general manager Shi Linjie used to be a reporter of the team of the Bayi team. Everyone knows very well. Later, together with Xue Feng Under the guidance of the national team assistant palace, and then I took the national team, Xue Feng as an assistant coach, such an experience, not only has a profound friendship, but also enough understanding and trust. "Li Nan said.

  "Personally, after the defeat of the national team, I have been summing up and reflecting. I really lack CBA experience and want to improve myself on a suitable team. The philosophy of the two sides is also very consistent, so I will next Sink down and grow up with the team. "Li Nan said.

  Head coach Besinovic also welcomed Li Nan's joining, "Director Li is an excellent coach, and his arrival will greatly help my work!" (End)