A Portuguese court on Thursday convicted 41 Sporting Lisbon fans of the violence they committed against club players two years ago in the attack on the training complex. Bas Dost was one of the biggest victims.

The court sentenced 9 men to five-year prison terms, sentenced 29 others to suspended prison terms of up to four years and ten months, and fined a further 3 others. The perpetrators can still appeal.

At least fifty masked hooligans entered training complex Alcochete in May 2018 to express their dissatisfaction with the missed placement for the Champions League after a defeat in the competition.

Dost, who is now under contract with Eintracht Frankfurt, was one of the players beaten by the hooligans. He suffered a head wound that had to be stitched. He left a scar there.

Bas Dost's head wound after the attack of the fans of Sporting Lisbon. (Photo: Sporting Lisbon)

Dost: 'I feared for my life'

Dost announced in a lawsuit in February that the attack left its mark both physically and mentally. "I feared for my life, it was terrible. I didn't dare to be alone after that, especially when I went down the street or to the supermarket. I felt safe at home alone," he said.

The attacker eventually returned to Sporting, but left last year in the summer for Eintracht Frankfurt. He is currently battling with the German club against relegation from the Bundesliga, which has resumed as the first European top league more than a week ago since the outbreak of COVID-19.

At the time, Chairman Bruno de Carvalho was accused at the time of causing the turmoil in the assault on the squad, causing all the unrest, but he was cleared of all charges by the judge. Carvalho was already deposed as president in June 2018.