The first week, the brothers Elias and Mikael Ymer made it to the tennis court.

During the weekend that passed, the viewers were invited to top matches in table tennis on both the women's and men's side.

Today, SVT's special initiative "The Challenger Meeting" continues. This time, the paddle is the focus, and this is the first time SVT broadcasts the popular sport.

Chris Härenstam comments and brings guest expert Andréas Johansson, one of Sweden's best paddle players and coaches.

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Swedish star Baharak Soleymani shows how the paddle works. Photo: SVT

In the first match, experienced Åsa Eriksson and Billie Gajic challenge the Swedish champions Antonette Andersson and Baharak Soleymani.

- When this opportunity came to play a real match, I felt it would be so fun, but also nervous. I haven't competed in two or three months so it's a little quick pucks now, ”says Baharak Soleymani to SVT Sport.

After the women's match, WPT wager Calle Knutsson and Daniel Windahl will meet the Swedish champions Pierre Bonfré and Viktor Stjern.

Pierre Bonfré and Viktor Stjern during the finals of the paddle in Helsingborg last year. Photo: Photo Agency

"Relaxation in a tough everyday life"

The matches are played in the Padel Arena Frihamnen in Gothenburg. There are three sets with Golden Point and supertiebreak (to ten) at the crucial set.

Åsa Edlund Jönsson, sports director at SVT, tells in this post from May 7 about the special initiative "The Challenge Meeting" and why SVT is broadcasting live sports again.

- We know that many TV viewers long for live sports and a moment of entertainment and relaxation in a tough everyday life. Together with the sport, we also want to test new formats and production arrangements in order to find a way forward in an everyday life that unfortunately will look very different for a long time to come, says Åsa Edlund Jönsson.