, May 24, local time, the Premier League officially announced the second round of new crown virus test results. A total of 996 players and staff were tested. Two people tested positive and came from two different club.

  Compared with the first round of testing, the number of people in each of the 20 clubs undergoing testing has increased to 40-50. Officials try to expand the scope of testing to eliminate more risks.

  In the first round of screening, a total of 748 players and staff were tested. At that time, 6 people were positive and came from three clubs. At present, these six people are still in isolation and did not participate in the second round of screening.

  On Tuesday, the clubs of the Premier League began to resume team training in the form of small groups to prepare for the follow-up in a safe situation. After the return training, players should conduct group training while maintaining social isolation, and there must be no physical contact. (Finish)