Million dollar rhyme surprised with a fifth place last year. Subsequently, the six-year-old mural has been further developed and took home the Swedish championship at the Åbytravet in October.

- His speed made him Swedish champion last year and the impression last gossiped that he is back in the right phase and ready for a new Elite race, says Solvalla's Sports Manager Anders Malmrot in a press release.

The horse is trained by Fredrik B Larsson.

Disco Volante has had a good year so far and has already invested more than SEK 1 million in prize money.

- He has won five races in the Gold Division this winter and spring and been the best in Sweden, says Malmrot.

This will be the second time that the seven-year-old gelding, trained by Stefan Melander, is participating in the Elite race.

Billie de Montfort is a French mare, trained by Sébastien Guarato, who participated in the Elite race 2016. She has competed several times in Sweden this spring, and came third among the Paralympic race on the Åbybanan.

"She never makes a bad race and as a nine-year-old she is the steel grandmother of the race," says Malmrot.

Later in the afternoon, the Elite race is drawn.

ARCHIVE: Dijon springs water Elite race (May 26, 2019)

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Dijon won the Elite race. Photo: SVT