The client of May 23rd. The World Badminton Federation released the latest adjusted calendar on the 22nd. According to this calendar, the world badminton high-level event will restart as early as August, and the Guangzhou Finals in mid-December will be the final battle.

  According to the updated schedule of the first and second competitions, the Hyderabad Open on August 11-16 will become the first stop of the World Badminton Federation's high-level competition after more than 5 months of suspension. Subsequently, the Lingshui China Badminton Masters, scheduled to be held at the end of February, is scheduled to be held from August 25 to 30.

  Not all events will be held at a different time. Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many events such as the Asian Championships have been confirmed to be cancelled. In addition, there are still some events that have not yet determined the final date.

  The adjusted schedule is very compact. The 22 races are scheduled for more than 4 months, so many different levels of events will be held at the same time. The Tangyou Cup is scheduled to be held in Aarhus, Denmark from October 3rd to 11th, and the Tour Finals will be held in Guangzhou from December 16th to 20th, which is also the season finale.

  The World Badminton Association said that the plan is only a tentative plan. The game plan will not be resumed until absolute security is guaranteed. World Lund Federation Secretary Thomas Lund said: "The health, safety and well-being of all athletes, their teams, officials and the entire badminton community remains our top concern."

  The World Badminton Federation also revealed that it is studying how to "thaw" the world rankings to avoid a sharp decline in points and affect the entire ranking structure. The World Badminton Federation is also considering adjusting the rules for compulsory participation of athletes, as well as the necessary adjustments to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics points rules. (Finish)