China News Service Client Beijing, May 23 (Wang Sisuo) Until May 23, 2020, Jia Xiuquan has taken over the Chinese women's football pointer for two years. He said that in the past two years, Chinese women's football has made progress in all aspects.

  After the term covering half of the Olympic cycle, Jia Xiuquan is now leading a team to train in Suzhou, and continues to make serious preparations for a one-year extension to Tokyo.

Data map: On February 6, local time, the Chinese National Women's Football Team participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Women's Asian Qualifiers Group B event, after ending the isolation in Brisbane, arrived in Sydney and began training to prepare for 7 A match between the Asian Group Qualifiers for the Olympic Games in Group B and the Thai Women's Football Team held on Sunday. The picture shows the Chinese national women's football team coach Jia Xiuquan (middle) mobilized before the game. China News Agency reporter Tao Shelan

  Looking back at the announcement that Jia Xiuquan took office two years ago, the Chinese Football Association recorded this sentence: further strengthening the development of the Chinese women ’s football development system and preparing for the 2019 French Women ’s World Cup and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and other international competitions.

  All for the competition, all for the results. With such pressure, Jia Xiuquan took over the teaching point of Icelandic Eyosson and began to lead the Chinese women's football team, returning to the "Taiwan handsome" era.

Data Map: On June 13, 2019 local time, Chinese team coach Jia Xiuquan commanded on the sidelines. On the same day, in the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Group B group match held in Paris, France, the Chinese team defeated South Africa 1-0. China News Service reporter photo

  It seems to many people that Jia Xiuquan is an unsmiling iron-blood coach, no matter whether inside or outside the arena, there is no argument or doubt.

  But in fact, when sitting in the seat of the press conference before and after any game as a coach, he took care of the girls. Yes, especially in those moments of frustration, you can hardly hear his serious face and say even a bad word about the team.

  Last June, just one year after he took office, the Chinese women's football team went to France to compete in the four-year World Cup.

  Every time the competition, the outside world's attention to this team with a glorious history will suddenly rise to a terrible high. At least for most ordinary people who "occasionally" care about women's football, the legend of willingness to see clang roses reappears as soon as possible-because many people have not experienced the rose bloom season in the 1990s.

Data map: In 1999, the Chinese women's football team won the World Cup runner-up. China News Service issued Liu Zhankun photo

  The history written by Sun Wen and Liu Ailing has been engraved. In the past 20 years, the Chinese women's football team has traveled in the wind and waves without stopping for a moment, but there is still an insurmountable sky before the reenactment of the grand scene that year.

  Just last year, their French journey was extremely dangerous. In the final round of the group stage, with the help of young goalkeeper Peng Shimeng, they finally broke into the knockout. The 0: 2 loss to Italy to stop in the top 16 has also become the most bitter memory of the team's 7 World Cup journeys.

  The journey came to an abrupt end. Jia Xiu's reaction after the game was to take the responsibility to his shoulder. "A player can have a few years, this is the best chance to get away from the quarterfinals, but this ball has not been won, I am really sorry to you, sorry national fans ..." "Losing is mainly the responsibility of the head coach, the players It ’s all good, and I did my best. "

Data map: On June 17, 2019 local time, Chinese women's football coach Jia Xiuquan shed tears after the game. On the same day, in the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Group B group match held in Le Havre, France, the Chinese team tied 0-0 with Spain and advanced to the top 16 in the group. China News Service reporter photo

  In the East Asian Cup at the end of 2019, Chong Chong Rose only won a victory from the Chinese Taipei team. In the face of the old rivals Korea and Japan, he was exhausted on the field and showed himself in front of the fans. Jia Xiuquan didn't care about the results of the three games after the game. He thought that the goal of this journey, training is more important than results, but "the team is not stable enough." After returning to China, the Chinese women's football team soon invested in a new round of training. The results were also shown in the first group stage of the Olympic preliminary round in February this year.

  Jia Xiuquan's team almost chewed the toughest finale at the door of strong rival Australia. It's a pity that Tang Jiali's quasi lore encounters the opponent's stoppage in stoppage time and eventually ranks second in the group. Next, the opponent of the Chinese team is the expected South Korea.

  The competition between the two powers is bound to have a wound. In the context of the postponement of the Olympics, although the two rounds of confrontation with South Korea are also forced to be postponed, but the coming general meeting, the Chinese women's football team will have to compete with South Korea for a ticket to Tokyo.

Data map: The Chinese Women's Football Team before the opening of the 2019 World Cup.

  The preparation time suddenly became longer, and the Chinese women's football team also got an opportunity to re-run. Under the influence of the epidemic situation, three Wuhan players including Wang Shuang finally returned to the team, and the Chinese women's football team also started another round of training in Suzhou. A few days ago, in an interview with the media outside of training, the team's core Wang Shuang admitted that after 77 days of isolation, it felt like he had retired, and his body and other aspects had a great impact.

  Jia Xiuquan's two-year anniversary of taking office also came during the gathering of women's football in Suzhou. As the whole team was in urgent need of reorganization, as the commander of the three armed forces, Jia Xiuquan changed his former humility and summarized the domineering: "Now the women ’s football has not only improved in physical data, but also is more active in defense and offense. Dare to force the opponent. "

Data map: On June 24, 2019 local time, Chinese women's football coach Jia Xiuquan (left) and player Wang Shuang attended the pre-match press conference and answered questions from reporters. On the 25th, the Chinese team will play against Italy in the 1/8 final of the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup. China News Service reporter photo

  It is really not easy to tell from the guidance of Jia what he has done for two years as a coach. You know, after the women ’s World Cup Chinese team broke the game, it is still not sure whether the handsome position can continue. When a reporter asked Jia Xiuquan how many points he gave to his coaching, he smiled directly.

  "I can't judge myself. Passing it or failing it, I think I did my best." He also joked that although there is no reason to rate himself, this score can be scored by the media and fans.

Data map: On February 13, the final game of Group B of the Asian qualifiers for the Tokyo Olympics women's football team was held in Sydney, Australia. The Chinese women were enough to draw the Australian team 1: 1, ranking second in the Olympic preliminary group. The picture shows the Chinese women's football starter singing the national anthem before the game. China News Agency reporter Tao Shelan

  Jia Xiuquan also said at the time that he was particularly affectionate with the girls, so after almost a year, they also walked through a lot of pitfalls together-once the East Asian Cup's poor record was questioned by the outside world, and there were also four home games Beating Brazil with a penalty kick; the pain caused by a line-up change and blood exchange, and almost the first place in the team during the adversity of the Olympic preliminary competition ...

  In the absence of a practical test in the near future, let alone the paper strength of the lineup, we have reason to believe that the team's cohesion and centripetal strength are already irrefutable.

  Admittedly, in the past two years of competition, the criticism of the outside world is more or less true on the Chinese women's football team. The most difficult offensive weakness problem is still surviving. But the strength of a team often starts to spread from within.

Information picture: On December 10, 2019, the opening game of the East Asian Cup women's football was held in South Korea. The Chinese women's football team and the Korean women's football team passed the 90-minute fierce battle. Image source: Osports All Sports Pictures

  The two-year tacit agreement between the coach and the team members has injected a forward momentum into the Chinese women's football team. They are waiting for an opportunity to go through the field, proving that the sonorous rose is climbing back from the trough to the peak.

  Prior to the arrival of Jia ’s next “anniversary”, the probability of a two-round matchup with South Korea is over. Judging from the information available to all parties, the two games are scheduled to start in February next year.

  Although it was two games of life and death, Jia Xiuquan and the Chinese women's football team, but they still have the preparation time for half a year. The game with South Korea is not just 180 minutes on the field next year. Isn't the current training a "break your wrist"?

Data map: On June 25, 2019 local time, Chinese team coach Jia Xiuquan (right) is commanding on the sidelines. On the same day, in the 1/8 final of the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup in Montpellier, France, the Chinese team lost to Italy by 0-2 and missed the quarterfinals. China News Service reporter photo

  The coach's change to the team is not over night, but only over night. This is also one of the favorable factors for the rapid organization of Chinese women's football training after Wang Shuang and others returned to the team. As for the Olympic stadium next year, we naturally yearn for it, and in the process, Jia Xiuquan can bring any changes to the Chinese women's football team. What kind of surprises will the stadium have at that time, these also attract fans.

  The coach has been guarding the team for two years, saying neither long nor short. I hope that at this time next year, we can still get together, talk about Jia's guidance, talk about the Chinese women's football, and talk about the Olympic journey that will begin immediately. (Finish)