Professional baseball Hanshin It's been 2 months since 1st army players gathered and practiced May 23 19:15

Hanshin, a professional baseball player, resumed training on the 23rd after the first military team gathered for the first time in about two months, following the cancellation of the emergency declaration in Kansai.

At the end of March, three players including Shintaro Fujinami pitcher Hanshin had suspended their activities due to infection with the new coronavirus, but they practiced voluntarily from the 15th of last month and became pitchers and fielders from the 19th of this month. We practiced separately.

Then, on the 21st, after the government's declaration of an emergency was lifted in Kansai, for example, on the 23rd, for the first time in about two months, players from the first army gathered at the Koshien Stadium and resumed training.

On the ground, the coach Yano Yano called on the players, "Let's do our best to give power to the fans," and then practice began.

The athletes worked hard on seat knocking and batting practice toward the opening of the season, which is expected to be the shortest next month, 19th, and confirmed the cooperative play when the runner was between the pitcher and the infielder. .

After the practice, Director Yano said, "I felt grateful and happy that all of us could wear uniforms and practice at Koshien. When we were able to open, we would like to do our best to deliver energy." .

In addition, Yuki Nishi, who is the starting pitcher, was enthusiastic about "I had a good sense of tension and it was good on the first day. I took the first step, so I will make adjustments while being careful not to get hurt." .