Kagoshima National Athletic Meet Request for postponement of about one year if it cannot be held Kagoshima Prefecture May 23 12:44

Whether or not it is possible to hold it due to the influence of the new coronavirus, this time about "Kagoshima National Athletic Meet" and the national sports competition for the disabled, Kagoshima Prefecture will contact the Japan Sports Association etc. if it is difficult to hold in October. , I found out that I was requesting a plan to postpone it for a maximum of about one year, by interviewing the people concerned.

About Kagoshima National Athletic Meet scheduled for October this year and the national sports competition for the disabled, four of the co-sponsored Kagoshima Prefecture and Japan Sports Association, Japan Sports Association for the Disabled, Sports Agency are players due to the spread of new coronavirus infection We are considering the possibility of holding the event from the perspective of ensuring the safety of.

Regarding this, Governor Santanen of Kagoshima Prefecture said on the 20th of this month, "We agree that it may be difficult to hold the" Kagoshima National Athletic Meet "in a safe form in October," and the original plan It shows the view that it is becoming difficult to hold as it is.

Under these circumstances, Kagoshima Prefecture asked for a plan to postpone it for a maximum of one year if it is difficult to hold it in October, according to interviews with related parties.

To prepare for the national polity, the prefecture is investing ¥ 15.3 billion over the past 10 years to invest ¥ 15.3 billion, and this year it is investing ¥ 8.2 billion.

In addition, we have already decided that the venue for next year will be Mie Prefecture and the next year will be Tochigi Prefecture. The four members, including Kagoshima Prefecture, will indicate whether the event will be held early next month.