China News Service, May 23 (Xinhua)-According to Kyodo News, the chairman of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Coordination Committee, which oversees the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics, John Coates has recently been delayed by the new Olympics pneumonia epidemic for one year. Said that October this year will be an important node to judge whether it can be held.

Data Map: IOC senior officials said that October is an important node to judge whether the Tokyo Olympics can be held

  The Kyodo News Agency quoted Australian media reports that John Coates recently extended the Tokyo Olympics for a year due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, saying that this October will be an important period to judge whether it can be held. He also reiterated the idea that it cannot be postponed again. Earlier, Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee, said in an interview that if the Tokyo Olympics postponed to next year cannot be held due to the epidemic, it is expected to be cancelled.

  According to the report, Coates said that he will continue to prepare various plans on the premise of holding next year, and cited issues such as the isolation measures of the Olympic Village and the admission restrictions of venues. In addition, regarding the decision to postpone the Tokyo Olympics until March after the spread of the Japanese epidemic, he said this was the last thing he regretted this year.

  Kyodo News believes that the attitude of the International Olympic Organizing Committee and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee for the next summer's preparations has not changed, but when the global epidemic will subside and the development and circulation of vaccines cannot be foreseen, Coates' statement reflects the crisis of the IOC I feel that it is very difficult to operate super large-scale activities while taking anti-epidemic measures.

  In addition, there is a need to judge whether it is possible to hold the event at the beginning of next year based on the epidemic situation among Olympic-related people in Japan. (Finish)