While the coronavirus epidemic prompted all championships to end earlier this year, the German Bundesliga was the first major championship to resume on the weekend of May 16. For his part, the Spanish Prime Minister announced Saturday that the resumption of La Liga would be authorized in the week of June 8. In England, the authorities hope for a recovery in mid-June.

After long weeks of interruption, football is gradually regaining its rights in Europe. Suspended since mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Spanish Championship may restart in the week of June 8, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Saturday, a week after the resumption of the German Bundesliga. Other championships, on the other hand, are still awaiting an upcoming decision. Europe 1 takes stock. 

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Bundesliga regains the field

After the modest championship of the Faroe Islands two weeks ago (May 9) and the powerful Bundesliga the weekend of May 16, Estonia is the last League to have found the fields on Tuesday May 19 with three matches in front of the stands empty of its Premium Liiga. The kickoff of the Czech Championship is expected this Saturday. The Belarusian championship is the only one in Europe that has not been suspended during this period.

Spain and Portugal to resume in early June

The resumption of La Liga "will be authorized" in the week of June 8, the head of the Spanish government announced on Saturday. Hard hit by the pandemic, with more than 28,000 deaths counted according to a last official count, Spain will become the second major championship to resume in Europe.

Resumption dates

Denmark:  May 28

Serbia: May 30

Austria: June 2

Portugal: June 4

Slovenia: June 5

Croatia: June 6

Spain: June 8

Turkey: June 12

Norway: June 16

Russia: June 21

Finland: July 1

England and Italy hope but still wait 

England is breathing a bit: the Premier League on Tuesday released the results of a first wave of coronavirus testing in elite clubs. With six positive cases among players and members of the management (whose names and clubs have not been specified) on 748 samples taken, the scenario of a recovery in mid-June remains possible.

Potential takeover dates

Romania: May 27 

Poland:  May 29 

Greece: June 6

England: mid-June

Italy: June 14 

Switzerland: June 20

England and Italy hope to emulate Germany, but the equation remains complicated between health fears and green light to obtain from governments.

France, Belgium and the Netherlands said stop

The Netherlands became the first UEFA member country to end its championship on 24 April. France followed suit on April 30, stopping in the board of directors a classification which crowns Paris SG. Luxembourg, Belgium, Cyprus and Scotland have also thrown in the towel.

Who is champion?

Netherlands: since April 24. Title not assigned.

Luxembourg: since April 28. Title not assigned .

France: since April 30.  PSG champion .

Cyprus: since May 15. Title not yet assigned .

Belgium: since May 15. FC Bruges champion .

Scotland: since May 18. Celtic champion .