The client of, May 23, according to the data released by the American business magazine "Forbes" on the 22nd, Japanese tennis star Osaka Naomi surpassed the American ball and Williams became the most profitable female athlete in the past year. 'S total income also set a new record for female athletes' annual income.

Forbes report screenshot

  The data shows that in the past 12 months, Nasaka's total revenue from competition bonuses and sponsorship endorsements reached $ 37.4 million. In second place in the women ’s ranking is Williams Jr., who has a total income of $ 1.4 million less than Naomi Osaka.

  Not only that, Naomi Osaka also surpassed the annual income record of female athletes created by Russian star Sharapova in 2015, when the latter's income was 29.7 million US dollars.

Data Figure: Naomi Osaka won the China Open Championship trophy Hou Yushe, reporter of China News Service

  Naomi Osaka is 22 years old this year. His father is Haitian and his mother is Japanese. Despite being born in Japan, Naomi Osaka has lived and played in the United States since he was 3 years old, and has gradually grown into a world-class sports star. The decision to represent the Japanese team in the Tokyo Olympics has made Naomi Osaka favored by many Japanese brands, and this has greatly enhanced her influence in Asia.

  In terms of Grand Slam honors, Naomi Osaka won the US Open women's singles championship in 2018 and the Australian Open women's singles championship in 2019. Last year, she also won for the first time in the women's singles competition of the Chinese Open after the four majors. (Finish)