• Restructuring: Nissan studies cutting up to 20,000 jobs
  • Threat. A Japanese newspaper anticipates the closure of Nissan in Barcelona

The Government has offered Nissan an industrial plan to maintain its plants in Spain, which would be the only ones for the Japanese company in the European Union once Sunderland's in the United Kingdom has been left out of this framework after the execution of Brexit. .

"We believe that in Spain there is an opportunity for Nissan, this brand has been with us for 40 years and therefore the Government is going to support them in definition new investments. We have made a proposal for an industrial plan for Spanish plants and it is yet to be seen the decision they make, which we hope will be the correct one, "said the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, in an interview with El Español .

That answer, wrong or not, should arrive next Thursday, which is the date on which Nissan will make its decision regarding its delicate situation. The talks with the Spanish authorities have been going on for two years "and especially in these last six months in a very direct way", in the words of Maroto, who visited Japan and met with the management of Nissan Motor to save the future of.

For Reyes Maroto, the right decision of the Japanese dome would be to keep its plants. "It seems to us that reinforcing Nissan in Europe through the Spanish plants may be an opportunity for a renewal of Nissan in its alliance with Renault" says the head of Industry, who works "hand in hand" with the Generalitat and the Barcelona City Council , which have been "exemplary to defend the Free Trade Zone and the three plants of Catalonia".

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