Soccer J League 29th Executive Committee to decide the official game resumption schedule on May 22 21:43

Soccer J-League Mitsuru Murai Chairman announced that he will hold an executive committee on 29th of this month to decide the restart schedule for the official match that has been suspended from February due to the new coronavirus. It was

On the 22nd, the J League held an executive committee with representatives of each club participating after a liaison meeting to discuss measures for the new coronavirus in cooperation with professional baseball.

Among them, regarding the official game that has been suspended since February this year, the executive committee will be held again on this month 29th, and the policy to decide the schedule and form of restart will be shown based on the situation of the emergency declaration. It was

At a press conference after the meeting, Murai Chairman said, "The date of reopening has not been decided at this time" and said, "We have agreed to secure at least four to five weeks for the athletes to practice. We will discuss with the contract managers of each club and so on. ”

On the other hand, among the recommendations received from experts on infectious diseases at the Countermeasures Liaison Meeting toward the restart of the official game, regarding the point that the burden on athletes should be reduced as much as possible, `` Because it is an overcrowded schedule, shorten the travel distance as much as possible. We want to be able to do so, and for the time being, consider teaming up with neighboring teams. "

Furthermore, as for considering the implementation of PCR tests etc. in advance for athletes and team personnel, "I would like to discuss with medical personnel how to do it in consideration of local circumstances". Did.