The former Egyptian Football Association vice president and media outlet, Ahmed Shouber, interacted with the series of choice, which is presented daily during the holy month of Ramadan, especially episode No. 28, with which many countries, not just Egypt, interacted to become the name of the series in the global trend, the most widely circulated on the day of the presentation of an epic episode "Perth" which was on July 7, 2017.

Ahmed Schubert was keen during his program that he presents in the channel "On Time Sports" to thank the Egyptian army at the beginning of its episode and the heroes of the battle and even went out of its main sporting topic to present a scene from the epic epic of the selection series.

The Egyptian and Arab people had interacted with the series "Choice" greatly during the month of Ramadan, as it is a true story from the records of the Egyptian army and an epic that killed 26 individuals led by Colonel Ahmed Mansi, one of the armed forces men who dug their names in the records of Egyptian history with what was characterized by it.

"We will stay seconds or minutes with these footage, so that you will know the people I did, so that Egypt can live," said Egyptian journalist Ahmed Schubert at the beginning of his episode, commenting on the scene.

After showing the scene, Ahmed Schubert was keen to thank the martyrs, and was also eager to read the names of the true martyrs of the battle, thanking and greeting them for the sacrifices they made to the Egyptian people.

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