Former Japanese representative Rugby Hitoshi Ohno “I have never left over” Retirement interview May 22 17:47

On the 22nd, Hitoshi Ohno, who played the most rugby national team in 98 games in a row, held a press conference to retire. No. "

42-year-old Ohno, who belongs to Toshiba in the top league, has been selected as the representative of the World Cup for the third time in a row as a representative of Japan, with vigorous collision utilizing his physique of height 1 m 92 cm and plenty of exercise Competed in the most 98 games.

Ono announced his retirement this month, and at a press conference held online on the 22nd, he said, `` The belief is that "it still burns when it becomes ashes", but I had a knee pain from about a year ago and I recovered. No. I've been very reliable in the last year's breakthrough in the World Cup and the rise of Toshiba's young players, and I haven't left any more as a player, "he said.

Then, looking back on the historic victory over South Africa in the 2015 World Cup and the game that won against the mighty Wales in 2013, "all the matches that I played in the cherry jersey are impressive. I remember I couldn't see the ground in tears in Wales. "

Regarding his hometown, Fukushima Prefecture, he said, "I still have people who are suffering from the earthquake, but I want to play a game that I can forget about the pain in rugby. I was able to play up to this point by observing the strength of, so I want to give back to rugby. ”

In addition, he said, "I was able to fulfill my active role thanks to the cheering that was played both inside and outside the stadium. In the future, I want to find a path that only I can do and contribute to the rugby world in Japan."