Vice President of Volleyball Federation Abdulaziz Al-Salman revealed that the psychological factor was the strongest weapon in the victory over the Corona virus, which he was exposed to on the fourth day of Ramadan, and he recovered from it mid this week, indicating that fear of the unknown almost killed him psychologically more than the strength of the virus, But he recovered after he dismissed negative thoughts, as he put it.

Al-Salman, who was lying in bed in the hospital, "Med Clinic, Park View", told "Emirates Today": "The first days were the most difficult due to my feeling of fear in light of the spread of false information, videos, and terrifying numbers about cases of injury and death, and that all this made my focus confined On the negative news.

He added: «The beginning of my victory over the disease was when I received psychological support from the treating doctor, the Sudanese doctor, Nada, as I arrived on the tenth day on the hospital’s treatment trip, and I was taking treatment and examinations were given to me every 12 hours, but symptoms were still present. I was getting more anxious and afraid of the unknown. ”

And the vice president of the Volleyball Federation continued: “On that day, the doctor told me of the anxiety that I have, and her response to me was that she would not let anything happen to me and enhance confidence in myself, and that she would guarantee me this, but only on the condition that I try to get negative thoughts out of my head and put positive thoughts. It was modern at an important time because all that was going on in my head was that these are my last days. ”

He added: “From that moment, I started talking with my inner mind and that I would win over this disease. After only 24 hours, the situation changed, thanks to God and his grace, and the fever and throat pain disappeared, and they lifted my respiratory systems. Very important in the journey to victory over Corona ». Al-Salman confirmed that corona’s disease changed a lot in his life, and he said: “I got an invaluable lesson. God has written for me a new life and I have to use it better than before. Certainly a difficult experience but it has positive factors, it changed my view of life completely, I thanked God that He put me in this experience so that I would know the value of the blessing of health that I was in and I did not thank God for its shortcomings. ” Al-Salman expressed his thanks and appreciation to the wise leadership and all the health sector workers who care for the care of patients, noting at the same time that all the injured are receiving medical care at the highest level and there is no differentiation between a citizen and an expatriate, as well as everyone who communicated with him during his illness And gave him psychological and moral support.

On his advice to the negligent and non-abiding by the health directives issued, he said: «In the beginning I hope that no one will get this disease, and everyone should know that staying at home guarantees him safety, because the experience of having a corona is difficult in itself, and prevention is better than treatment.

Vice President of Volleyball Association:

I got an invaluable lesson ... A new age was written for me.

Sudanese doctor strengthened confidence after feeling awed.

Staying home ensures safety ... prevention is the best treatment.

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