Soccer lottery "toto" resumed sales from 23rd New Corona May 21 23:08

Sales of soccer lottery "toto" etc., which had been suspended due to the spread of the new coronavirus, will be resumed from the 23rd in response to the resumption of the German league. The management organization says, "We want to secure financial resources for sports promotion."

The soccer lottery “toto” operated by JSC = Japan Sports Promotion Center could not be sold because the target games such as J League and German League were interrupted by the influence of the new coronavirus.

Against this backdrop, JSC announced that it will resume soccer lottery sales from the 23rd, following the resumption of the German League in the middle of this month.

In soccer lottery, part of the revenue, excluding refunds and expenses, is devoted to the promotion of sports promotion. Is allocated to the maintenance of sports facilities and support for holding international competitions.

JSC said, "In order to regain the daily life where sports can be enjoyed freely, we will resume sales with the belief that we must secure financial resources for sports promotion. I'm going. "