International competition related to the selection of the Karate Tokyo Olympics to be held next year May 21 at 6:22

Interviews with related parties revealed that the World Karate Federation has decided to hold next year's international competition related to the selection of the Tokyo Olympics, which was once suspended due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

There are eight types of new karate for the Tokyo Olympics, male and female, in “shape” and “kumite”, and 10 people can participate in each category.

Of these five, ▽ one Japanese athlete from the host country frame and ▽ four from each country and region will be selected from the top of the world rankings for Olympic selection. ▽ The remaining 5 people will be decided by the tournament that selects the representative, the continental representative frame, IOC, etc.

In March, due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, the international tournament was canceled, and there are no more tournaments that can earn points for selection rankings.

In response to this situation, the World Karate Federation has changed the method of national team selection in a hurry, and with the ranking for the Olympic selection announced on March 1, 5 players in each category, 40 unofficial competitors in total I decided.

However, as the Tokyo Olympics were postponed to next year, the federation was discussing how to select a representative again.

Against this backdrop, the federation selected two international tournaments, ▽ Morocco and ▽ European Championships, which were canceled after obtaining the IOC's consent to "maintain fair selection". It was revealed through interviews with related parties that we decided to hold it next year as a competition related to.

According to the World Karate Federation, it will be possible to regain the points necessary for participating in the Olympics at the international competition that was decided to be held, and depending on the result, some of the 40 informal athletes in the country and region including Japan may be replaced Came out.