Over the years it has been mostly men's soccer that has been on odds lists around the world, but during the World Cup last summer there was an avalanche increase in games on women's soccer.

The Swedish goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl experienced this in an unpleasant way. After Sweden's rallying victory against Germany, she received a message on Instagram, in which one person wrote that he would "Rape and cut her and cut her aorta while she was sleeping".

- I'm pretty sorry about getting really hard stuff, but that really felt in my stomach, she says.

"Something crazy"

Lindahl police reported the incident, and a couple of months ago it emerged that it was an American who sent the message in anger after losing big money on Sweden's profits. He has acknowledged the incident and is now charged with sending similar messages to several athletes.

- It became a little more concrete then, that it was actually a guy who squeezed that stuff together. There was really someone who, because of bad feelings, felt that he needed to send this, says Lindahl.

- But it's something crazy when you feel that you have to write things like that.