Former President of the Football Association Status and Transfers Committee, Dr. Salim Al Shamsi, called for canceling the salary limits for professional citizens and replace it with the system of financial budgets set for local clubs, so that certain clubs do not dominate the tournaments as they have the money necessary to buy the best players, describing the salary cap system as “ Ink on Paper »Although it has been nearly 12 years since its implementation by the Football Association in 2009.

Al Shamsi told «Emirates Today»: «Some clubs circumvent the salary cap list and violate it by paying higher salaries for players under the table, and at the same time send formal contracts to the Football Association as being committed to the salary cap decision, and the problem here is not in the salary cap list Or the players, but in some clubs, especially the big ones that unfortunately violate the list, even though they are the first to demand the application of this system. ”

He explained, “I was the president of the Committee on the Status and Transfer of Players and I know how clubs deliver the Football Association official contracts that include the salary ceiling, but under the table this system is violated, so I think that applying penalties to clubs that violate the salary ceiling is difficult, and despite the passage of many years of applying this The system, however, that no club has been punished, and no party or player has lodged a complaint against any club in this regard.

Al Shamsi added: “It is time for the Football Association to take a courageous decision to cancel the salary cap and replace it with the system of budgets set for clubs for a specific period, to be evaluated, as is the case in some European tournaments by setting specific budgets that are not to be exceeded, as happens in the English Premier League, which Clubs were imposed on specific budgets, and therefore we have seen that the number of clubs competing for the title is more than six clubs, because the English Premier League is governed by a strict budget system for clubs, and whoever violates this system is subject to severe penalties ».

He added, "It is not fair to make the salary limits for players open to each club, as this will only make two or three clubs dominate the local championships, as they have the money to buy the best players, as is the case in the Spanish League, as two clubs dominate, Barcelona and Real Madrid is on the Spanish League, and not the other clubs. Therefore, the matter must be governed by setting a specific annual budget for each club that it should not exceed, and thus we will not find clubs that compete to spend money on players from under the table.

The Football Association specified four categories of players, to which the salary cap was applied, so that the maximum salary for the player in the first category during the same football season does not exceed 2.8 million dirhams, the second category is 1.8 million dirhams, and the third category is 1.2 million dirhams, and the fourth category does not exceed the player's salary 600 thousand dirhams.

Salim Al Shamsi indicated that, although the Football Association put strict penalties for clubs that violate the salary cap list, the fine ranged between five and 10 million dirhams, and the denial of registration of players, as well as penalties for offending players ranged between financial fines and denial of play, but there are clubs without To call her violate the regulations, considering that this means that such penalties are useless.

Salim Al Shamsi:

"It is not fair to make the salary cap for players open to every club."

"There are clubs that circumvent the list and there is no point in punishing it."

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