After being defeated for 3 days, he sent Weibo to respond to the reason
  Tai Chi "Net Red" Ma Baoguo: Only scolding can reflect

  Three days after being KO, Ma Baoguo, a Tai Chi "net red", finally reappeared in the public's field of vision. Within four hours on May 20, Ma Baoguo posted three Weibo posts, responding to the reason for losing the game and admitting that Tai Chi is a regimen I also cracked down on fake accounts and fake disciples about myself that are rampant online.

  In the fight on May 17, Ma Baoguo, the head of the Taiyuan Gate of Hunyuan Form, was knocked down by the 50-year-old amateur wrestler Wang Qingmin three times within 30 seconds, and the last time was a direct shock. In three days, board the hot search rankings. In the early hours of yesterday, Ma Baoguo issued a message: He has safely returned to Shanghai from Zibo, Shandong.

  According to the photos of the Beiqing Daily, Ma Baoguo's body has basically recovered, and there is no obvious head injury. In the photo, Ma Baoguo is still wearing Tai Chi clothing, standing in front of the station and taking pictures to show his true body.

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned that many media wanted to contact Ma Baoguo himself, but no results. At the same time, Ma Baoguo himself did not respond to the multiple invitation interviews of the media's Weibo private letter.

  A local media reporter told the Beiqing Daily that they have contacted Ma Baoguo in various ways and have not received any reply. At the same time, Ma Baoguo did not respond positively to the private message on Weibo.

  However, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily found that at noon on the 20th, Ma Baoguo published a long Weibo, responding for the first time to the game three days ago. The reporter saw through the long Weibo that for the match three days ago, Ma Baoguo said: "The actual combat of self-defense and self-defense in daily life is a category of martial arts (different from the actual combat in the ring), even if you can't fight it, you can create more. The opportunity to escape and save lives should be the positioning of the new era of Chuanwu. "

  Moreover, Ma Baoguo called his martial arts: "Fitness first, then self-cultivation, and then self-defense." For being knocked down, Ma Baoguo said: "Without actual combat training, it is difficult to adapt to the competition in modern fighting rules." He also said: "Kung Fu has no distinction between high and low (powerful and powerful, and there are many factors influencing to win or lose), and it is a treasure of human civilization, regardless of Chinese and foreign. The training of martial arts is based on health, self-defense and saving lives. Lord, I hope this matter can promote everyone's thinking about martial arts and fighting, and can promote the further development of martial arts and fighting. "

  Finally, Ma Baoguo said: "Thank you for your support and scolding, both are needed. Only scolding can reflect on it, painful thinking can only lead to greater development. There is no way, who makes us like to spread martial arts so much!" At the same time, In the early morning of May 20th, a social networking site uploaded a video of a meeting of Ma Baoguo's disciples in a martial arts hall. In the video, a group of uniformed disciples led by a self-proclaimed closed disciple, neatly lined up and shouted the slogan "Must revenge Master". The closed disciples also showed their unique skills to show their determination.

  In this regard, the Ma Baoguo team responded on the official personal authentication microblog at noon on the 20th: "Now the online fake fake Mr. Ma Baoguo and his disciples and others have voiced, posted, posted videos and intercepted the existing video clips on the network. There are a lot of them, such as: a video of Ma Lao who said that he had reached the end last year, a video of a fake disciple of Ma Baoguo, etc., all of which are counterfeit. "The team also reminded," Ma Lao ’s official window is on Weibo, please pay attention to distinguish ! ”

  On the afternoon of the 20th, Ma Baoguo's Weibo continued to post and post pictures, emphasizing that he had not received any interviews from anyone, and exposed IPs that used Ma Baoguo's label. In just four hours, Ma Baoguo published three Weibo posts in response to the outside world. This wave of operations seems to be overwhelming and violent to the Internet.

  Text / Reporter Zhang Yingchuan