Officials in the Arab Gulf Football Clubs have called on the Football Association to take the "difficult decision" to end the league, to save the clubs from financial losses that they will suffer later, and remove from them the state of confusion that is expected to occur if the tournament is completed in August, especially since all clubs It has government financial support.

In their conversation with "Emirates Today", the officials identified eight benefits to end the tournament without damage to the parties to the game, compared to the losses and damages that all clubs will face without exception if the tournament is completed, most notably the burden of renewing new contracts and contracts, as well as the possibility of jeopardizing the safety of players The participants are at risk due to the Corona virus (Covid 19), confirming that this step was taken by several major leagues in the world: the French, Dutch, Belgian and Scottish leagues, despite the great commercial value represented by these leagues.

It is expected that the Football Association will issue a decision determining the fate of the league at its meeting tomorrow, Thursday, or the idea will be discussed and then the final decision of the next meeting will be postponed after Eid Al Fitr.

The officials stressed that there are technical problems that will face the return of the competition, in light of the players ceasing to carry out any activity since last March, the difficulty of preparations, whether inside or outside the country, and the lack of sufficient time periods between the current and new seasons, which makes it difficult to contract with new players.

The head of the Fujairah Football Club, Nasser Mohammed Al Yamahi, confirmed that his club has sent two books to both the Football Association and the Professional League, explaining through them the difficulties facing the completion of the Arab Gulf League.

He said: «Fujairah Club will suffer a real crisis in the event of completing the league, given the expiration of the contracts of 20 players between the first team and the reserve team, at the end of this month, and it is difficult to extend the contracts of all this number, and the club does not need most of them in the next season, which means wasting money The club without any benefit, and this is not the case of Fujairah alone, but most clubs will suffer from this problem ».

He added: «There are other problems related to the travel of foreign players and residents, along with the technical staff, to their countries, and until now, the date of opening the air traffic has not been finalized, in addition to that they will be obliged to perform the quarantine for 14 days due to the Corona pandemic, which means that it is difficult to catch them for a period Preparation from its inception ».

Al-Yamahi pointed out: “How do we ask players to perform at an important stage of the league that will determine the future of the team in the professional league, and some of them have been linked with other clubs and some of them refuse to extend their loans, and all these administrative problems will suffer for everyone, and the climate will not be ready for the clubs to complete the league.” .

He continued: “I know very well that canceling the league will be a difficult decision, but it is more difficult than completing the competition, especially from a technical point of view. Usually, the players used to have a rest for 45 days, and we are preparing for the new season two months before its launch, so how will the readiness and the players spent in their homes more than Four months before we return to preparations again, in addition to the difficulty of traveling abroad to establish external camps for the conditions of the Corona pandemic that struck the entire world, the absence of alternatives within the country for the required preparations, and the difficulty of friendly matches in hot weather conditions.

The head of the football club in Fujairah Club continued: If we assume that the league has been completed, who will guarantee the protection of players from the Corona virus and the transmission of infection quickly, given the proximity between them on the field, all of these things led us to register our reservation to complete the current season.

On the other hand, Ajman Club Vice-Chairman Ahmed Al-Foura stressed that extending the league for an additional period of four to five months will cause the clubs to carry very large financial burdens that exceed their budget at this time when everyone was affected economically due to the Corona pandemic.

He said: «Club losses less than completing the competition will not be less than 10 million dirhams, while the returns of some of them will not exceed three million dirhams, and this amount that we may spend at Ajman Club, will include the payment of salaries of players, technical, medical and administrative equipment, so from where do we Managing all this money? ”

He added: "Clubs are not benefiting from paying salaries to players that you do not wish to continue with in the coming season. In this matter, great injustice and waste of money can be avoided by a decision in the public interest of all parties."

He pointed out: “One of the negative aspects of holding the competition in August is the difficulty of preparing well for the most important stage in the league championship, whose results will be determined by the identity of the champion and the teams qualified for the AFC Champions League, as well as the identity of the two descending teams, and this stage needs strong preparation that will not be available in July, because of the rise "Temperatures, and the clubs' fear of setting up outdoor camps."

Al-Furah asked: "Is it reasonable for clubs to prepare in closed halls, because of the difficulty of training under a temperature that exceeds the 45-degree barrier, and this will not be a preparation that coincides with the importance of that stage of the competition?"

The Deputy Chairman of Ajman Club confirmed that the recommendation of the International Football Federation, to allow five changes in the remaining matches in all the local leagues, to meet the pressure of the matches, will not benefit the teams that we say are “small”, but will benefit the big clubs that have alternatives for several citizens players And foreigners, and have talents in reserve teams and the youth sector, and this will not represent a par between the league teams, and will affect equal opportunities between them in the remaining seven rounds.

Pros of ending the league

- Savings in the budgets of clubs wishing to expire the contracts of their players or coaches this May.

Save clubs from financial crises that you may suffer later if the league continues.

- Removing the burden of renewing contracts and new contracts, until September, on the shoulders of clubs.

- Keeping up with international leagues, such as: the French, Belgian, Dutch and Scottish leagues.

- Determine the identity of the champion, the ranking of other teams, and clubs qualifying for the AFC Champions League, and complete the process of ups and downs with integrity.

Clubs obtain material returns, according to arrangement.

There is no club lost from the decision, no legal problems or any negatives.

Allowing the clubs to prepare well for the new season long enough.

- The flexibility of launching the new season will be better, according to developments in health conditions, and granting clubs to support their ranks with new players, especially foreigners.

If the league returns in August

- More pressure on clubs that have to prepare in the summer period to play without their ability to travel to set up external camps.

Major financial losses for clubs that will have to extend contracts worth millions of dirhams with players until the end of the season before preparing for the new season with new contracts.

- Draining clubs' budgets and devoting their financial crises.

- Entering an "adventure" that exposed a large number of players to injury after stopping playing matches for more than five months.

Possibility of exposure to players, coaches, administrators and participants in the virus

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