“I have a positive attitude to the idea of ​​introducing a tougher age limit. But not much. Now they are transitioning to adults at the age of 15, I would have done at 17. Or 18. And then everything would be provided for us - even if the new rules were introduced now. We have outstanding figure skaters who correspond to this qualification - and Zhenya Medvedeva, and Alina Zagitova, and Lisa Tuktamysheva. We could win three tournaments for athletes over 18 years old by three girls and three under 18 years old, ”Sport-Express quotes Tarasova.

During the final Grand Prix final, the entire podium was taken by Russians - 16-year-old Alyona Kostornaya and Anna Shcherbakova and 15-year-old Alexandra Trusova.

Earlier, Shakhrai said that Trusova will be rolled up to 17 years and leave.