Pro baseball baseball giant Giants right-hander Lee Seung-heon (22) was hurried to the hospital after being hit by a hitting ball.

Lee Seung-heon, who started in the game against Hanwha Eagles held at Eagle Park in Hanwha Life in Daejeon, fell to the left of Hanwha Jeong Jin-ho's straight stroke at the 1st, 1st, and 2nd bases of the 3rd, which was 0-0.Lee Seung-heon wrapped his head and suffered, and an emergency man came in, checked his condition, and took it to an ambulance and sent it to the hospital.

Lee Seung-heon, who graduated from Yongma High School and joined in 2018, competed in one game last year and started his second career career.

Lotte placed Song Seung-jun on the mound at Manru.

"The result of a detailed examination and computed tomography (CT) at the Chungnam National University Hospital revealed microscopic head fractures and bleeding," said Lotte Club. "Seungheon Lee will examine the progress after being admitted to the hospital to determine whether to transfer to Busan." .