Athletes demanded that the “21-year-old” football championship “reserve” should continue in the coming season, despite the financial crises that clubs may be exposed to due to the outbreak of the Corona virus (Covid-19), and the financial losses incurred by the clubs, at a time when athletes demanded By developing some aspects of the tournament to serve the teams without compromising them, indicating that it is the best preparation for the national teams in the various stages and an opportunity to prepare the players before the first team, and canceling it will destroy an entire generation, as they say.

Clubs, including Hatta, had demanded, during a meeting of the Professional League, that the tournament be canceled because of the financial burdens it posed on clubs, in addition to causing crowds in clubs and not giving them the opportunity to play in other clubs, specifically in the first degree "amateurs" for example, including It serves the Federation championships in the first and second ranks.

Athletes told «Emirates Today»: “(League 21) is one of the most important tournaments that serve clubs and coaches of teams in the Arab Gulf League to know the level of players (born in 1999, 2000, 2001), and the idea of ​​canceling the championship will not serve a large number of them, and it may not find The player is any club he plays in after that. ”

The technical side

For his part, the member of the technical committee of the Arab Gulf League League, Ismail Rashid, confirmed that the 21-year championship is technically and financially important for clubs, and the evidence is the agreement of 12 clubs to establish the championship, during the last meeting of the association, and told «Emirates Today»: “The League of Professionals League works for Emirates ball, and certainly the tournament is very important to maintain a large group of young players, and an opportunity for national teams for the Sunni stages to take advantage of this tournament to watch the players in real friction ».

He added: «In addition to the importance of the technical championship, there are material returns for the participation of clubs in the reserve league, and therefore the tournament is of great importance and cannot be dispensed with, and this is what most clubs unanimously agree with with respect to the opinion of the opposing clubs certainly, and among the clubs’ proposals was the inclusion of three players from the team The first and this proposal will be raised, even if its existence wastes the right of the young players, in addition to the clubs taking advantage of this to transfer the cards that the player gets in the professional league to participate in amateurs, and there is a proposal that the days of the championship be far from the two league days to give the opportunity to market them As appropriate in the media wish she ».

Destruction of a whole generation

In turn, the supervisor of the first football team of Al Ain Club Sultan Rashid stressed the importance of the "21-year league" for clubs in general and Al-Ain in particular, and said that "canceling the tournament means the destruction of an entire generation of young players, and preventing the opportunity of their presence in the league championship or national teams for the Sunni stages." ».

Sultan Rashid said: “How many players are there in (the 21-year league)? In the interest of the destruction of this generation, which certainly serves the technical side of the coaches in the first team to see one or two players that the first team and the national teams may also benefit from, and we must not forget that the statements of each team witness the registration of 26 players, so we must pay more attention to the tournament, and on our part it has offered an eye An application to include three players from the first team of the 21-year-old league as a kind of preparation of players for the league championship ».

Player interest

Al-Wahda team manager Abdel Salam Jumaa confirmed that the tournament is very important for its teams, especially as it has many factors that benefit the player and the club alike. He said: “There may be a player who is 18 years old and we see him in such a tournament, and certainly is preparation for the player and be A reason for joining the first team, and coaches ask them to watch the young players ».

He added: «The distinguished player will definitely have an important role in this tournament, and will be focused on, to serve the first team, and certainly the distinguished players will prove themselves and a player may appear in the tournament and have an opportunity to loan to another club and then return to his club, as these players "They are the product of the club's academy, and therefore it is difficult to neglect them when they reach this stage."

Many financial burdens

The CEO of Hatta Club Ali Al Badwawi confirmed that Hatta Club’s view was with the cancellation of the “21-year League” because of its huge financial burdens on clubs from salaries, camps and obligations that clubs may not feel now, but after the Corona virus and the return of activity you may feel these sums Finance.

Al-Badwawi said: “(The 21-year league) is a burden on the clubs, in addition to that there may be no technical importance for the tournament. The distinguished player appears from 18 or 19 years and imposes himself. As for the rest of the players, they have the opportunity to move to other clubs in the Gulf League. Al-Arabi, or the first and second division leagues, and thus have an opportunity to play and return again to the Arab Gulf League. ”

He added: “The reserve league drains from the budgets of some clubs, and the clubs that have big budgets from the championship may not be affected, but there are clubs that are definitely affected by paying salaries and setting up camps and so on, and this was the view of the Hatta and Al Wasl clubs, but in the end we are with the collective decision What is appropriate for the development of Emirates football is that he will have a good team in the reserve league, but given what is coming, it can certainly be difficult. ”

The tournament creates great financial burdens for clubs from salaries, camps, and obligations.

Athletes called for developing some aspects of the championship to serve the teams.

Justifications for continuing the "League of 21 years"


- An important championship for the national teams.

- An opportunity for prominent players to appear in the Arab Gulf League.

- Right for players after a long journey in the Sunni stages.

- An important championship for professional coaches to see the emerging players.

- The tournament canceled the destruction of an entire generation.

The opponents:

Financial burdens due to salaries and camps.

- The accumulation of players in clubs.

Canceled an opportunity for players to head to the first clubs.

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