The FIVB official website announced the new Tokyo 2020 beach volleyball qualification process

  China News Service, May 16 (Xinhua)-After being approved by the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee, the International Volleyball Federation recently announced the latest beach volleyball Olympic qualification system.

  The deadline for calculating the new Olympic qualification ranking has been extended to June 13, 2021, and the final Olympic ranking will be announced on June 14, 2021. In addition, the qualification deadline for the Beach Volleyball Intercontinental Cup will be adjusted to June 27, 2021, and the Intercontinental Cup final will be held from June 21 to 27, 2021.

  The entry standard will no longer be adjusted. The top 12 records of each team during the qualifying period will be counted in the Olympic ranking. Teams who want to qualify must participate in at least 12 qualifying events.

  Regarding the extension of the qualifying period, Ali Graça, President of the FIVB said: "The new date will allow beach volleyball players to be more certain about the process leading to the Tokyo Olympics, so that they can continue to stay healthy and healthy under current conditions Comfortable. "(End)