This is a task that the Swedish bronze heroes find it difficult to take on.

Sweden won the bronze match against Bulgaria by 4-0 at the 1994 World Cup in the USA, something that this corona spring was highlighted in SVT which, for the first time since the championship, sent the matches in full again.

It became the magical summer of 1994 a parade for the Rålambshov Park, which was filled by tens of thousands of people who welcomed the team and GES who again sang "When we dig gold in the USA". Orup had put on Thomas Ravelli's national team jersey when it was time. These are some of the most classic images in Swedish sports and contemporary history.

At about the same time, similar scenes took place in Sofia to celebrate Bulgaria's bronze.

- Have you become a snap, right? Thomas Ravell wonders when Aftonbladet talks about the information.

Similar reactions come from Kennet Andersson, now Sports Manager at IFK Gothenburg, and Tommy Svensson who was then the league captain.

"They are bronze heroes here in Bulgaria"

Aftonbladet matches the details with a Bulgarian journalist.

- Yes, Bulgaria also got bronze at the 1994 World Cup. They are bronze heroes here in Bulgaria and proudly posed with the medals, says Angel Videnov in the magazine Trud.

This is confirmed by Hans Hultman, head of Fifa's media department, who was the press chief of the Swedish national team in 1994.

- When we at Fifa got the question from you at Aftonbladet we looked into this in detail and read the competition rules for previous World Cup tournaments. 1986, 1990 and 1994 received three and four bronze medals. In the World Cup tournaments that were before, one got gold, two got some kind of big silver, three little silver and the team in fourth place bronze. From 1998, only the first three teams receive medals, Hultman tells Aftonbladet.

"Now that you say so ..."

In the final position, however, Sweden was third and Bulgaria four, despite the double bronze, Fifa states in an e-mail for Aftonbladet.

When Kennet Andersson is reminded of the pictures from the television broadcast where the Bulgarian team received their medals, the memory machinery begins to work.

- Now when you say that, it rings some bell that it took a while before we got up. But I had no idea what they were receiving. We were glad that we had won the match… and the bronze. But there you see, there are still new things that emerge from that World Cup. It's fascinating.