Professional baseball Hanwha Eagles completely blocked the Lotte Giants slugging line with a salty water mound such as the starter Lee Hwan's hotu.

Hanwha beat Lotte 2-1 in the home game held today at the Eagle Park in Hanwha Life Insurance in Daejeon on the 15th.

Hanwha starter Kim Lee-hwan, who received criticism from manager Han Yong-deok for good guts and walls, hit seven hits in six innings, but blocked Lotte's batting with one point.

Since then, Jeong-Rak Shin, Sang-Won Park (more than 7 times), and Woo-Ram Jung (9 times) struggled with no scores to help Kim Il-Hwan's first win of the season.

Lotte won no extra points after scoring one with three hits in a row from Ahn Chi-hong, Lee Dae-ho, and Jung Hoon after one out.

Hanwha scored a one-to-one tie from the 1st and 2nd bases made by Jung Jin-ho's heavy hitting and Jung Eun-won's walk through the first five rounds.

Jung Eun-won stepped on the groove when Lee Seong-yeol's shortstop landed in the second and third bases.

Hanwha's 7th Shin Jeong-rak shook, giving him a walk in a row, leading to a no-out first and second base crisis.

Then Park Sang-won came to work as a solver.

Min Byung-hun's third baseman was treated as a batterer, and Jeon Jun-woo was not a shortstop.

In the 8th episode, left-wing Jeong Jin-ho treated An Chi-hong's hitting shot with a fantastic diving catch.

Hanwha finished the second streak while Jung Woo-ram stopped the game in the 9th round.


Doosan Bears won a 13-to-4 victory over the KIA Tigers with a concentrated hit from the Gwangju Expedition.

Doosan ran 5-1 by tying Fernandez and Oh Jae-il's timely hit after Park Kun-woo's repelling walk at the 4th basement match against 1-1.

Although the KIA chased 1 point 5 times, Doosan added two points to each of the 6th and 7th times to wedge the game.

--- In the

rainy season in Suwon, KT Wiz beat Samsung Lions 14 to 6.

The match that was exchanged in the air with a hot blow was seven times.

KT's hitting line was a batter, and he scored 8 points by driving 7 hits, including 2 home runs.

The newcomer to the KT selection, Jo Seong Joon, won the season's second with five runs and two ERAs until the seventh out.


NC Dinos won the SK Wyverns 6-2 after an extended match at the Incheon Expedition.

NC, who gave 1 point at the end of 9 times ahead of 2 to 1, scored 4 points at the beginning of the 10th extension to split the game.

NC remained the sole leader, and SK could not escape the 7th streak.

(Photo = Yonhap News)