Data Map: The women's volleyball World Cup entered the closing day. The Chinese women's volleyball team that has already achieved a defending round ahead of the final 3-0 victory over Argentina, won the championship with a victory record. Since 1984, the Cuban women's volleyball team and the Brazilian women's volleyball team have defended the Olympic champion successively. The picture shows Zhu Ting in the game. Image source: ICphoto

  China News Service, May 14 (Xinhua)-Recently, the foreign volleyball media "Volleyverse" selected the 2010-2020 international volleyball women's volleyball dream team. Chinese female queuing leader Zhu Ting was selected as the main attacker.

  The complete list of the 10-year dream team is: main attack Zhu Ting, Jin Ruojing (South Korea), secondary attack Rasic (Serbia), Fabiana (Brazil), response Boskovic (Serbia), setter Ogeninovic (Serbia), free man De Ginaro (Italy).

Complete lineup.

  Looking back at Zhu Ting's experience during the past ten years, it can be seen that Zhu Ting showed super talent when he was in the youth team and won the MVP of the Asian Youth Championship in 2012. In the 2013 World Youth Championships, Zhu Ting led the team to win the championship with a victory record and won the MVP title.

  After Lang Ping regained control of the Chinese women's volleyball team, Zhu Ting, who was under 19, was recruited into the national team. The 2014 World Championships was Zhu Ting's first world competition. She played a stable role in the game, undertook important offensive tasks, repeatedly contributed to the team at critical moments, and won the Chinese women's volleyball team to win the runner-up. Best Main Attack Award.

Data map: In the Tokyo Olympic Women's Volleyball Qualification Tournament in Beilun, Ningbo, the Chinese women's volleyball team defeated the German women's volleyball team 3-1 and won two consecutive victories in the group. The picture shows Zhu Ting hanging the ball. Photo by Tang Yanjun

  After leading the team to win the World Cup and Olympic titles in 2015 and 2016, Zhu Ting already has the hard power to compete for the world's first main attack. She then stayed in Turkey and became an MVP harvester in Europe.

  Originally in 2020, Zhu Ting should lead the Chinese women's volleyball team to launch an attack on the defending title at the Olympics. However, due to the delay of the Tokyo Olympics for one year, I hope Zhu Ting and the Chinese women's volleyball team will bring more surprises to fans next year! (Finish)