Major League Mariners Hirano "Professional match at any time" May 13 13:32

In the big league, Mariners pitcher Yoshitoshi Hirano has postponed the opening due to the spread of the new coronavirus, but in response to an interview with NHK, he said, "It is time to start the match. "I'm a professional," he said.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus in the major leagues, the scheduled start of March was postponed.

The 36-year-old pitcher Hirano, who had been playing as a middleman in Diamondbacks for the last two years and was planning to play in the Mariners from this season, is now continuing to train independently in his home state of Arizona. .

Even in this season, the pitcher Hirano uses a nearby park to silently train for running and agility in the heat of the year, when the maximum temperature is close to 40 degrees Celsius.

Regarding this, Mr. Hirano said, "I used to be able to play baseball as usual, but in this situation, I really feel that I can play baseball with the help of fans and related people." talked.

After that, he said, "I can't see the future and it's frustrating, but I think it's a professional to be able to adapt so that it can be opened anytime."

On the other hand, since I had no opponent to practice catching balls, I had my wife receive the ball for a while, but now I am doing it with teammate Yusei Kikuchi who is practicing in the same park.

Hirano said, “I thought Kikuchi wanted to avoid contact with people, but he kindly said,“ Let's do it together. ”

In addition, regarding current life with awareness of infection prevention, "I try to go out and play with children, I try to avoid contact with people as much as possible. I have more time to face my family." talked.

Furthermore, "I'm proud of the Japanese people because I think I'm trying hard to control the infection together. I want to be in good physical condition so that I can show baseball to Japanese fans quickly." I sent a message to Japanese fans.