Image source: Premier League official blog

  China News Service, May 12 (Beijing time on the 12th), the Premier League issued an official statement: The British government released a signal that sports games may be resumed after June 1. The Premier League will follow the government and relevant departments ’recommendations to Plan the restart of the event.

  Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Premier League officially announced the suspension of the league on March 13, Beijing time. The latest statement mentioned that in the Premier League shareholder meeting, League CEO Masters said that 20 clubs united and wanted to restart the 2019-20 season. Players and coaches will be in the process of returning to the Premier League. play an important role.

  "Today's meeting reiterated that the English Premier League and clubs are fully aware of the impact of the epidemic on football, and many people have lost their lives or are deeply affected by it."

  The statement stated that the British government has released a signal that sports competitions may resume after June 1, and the Premier League will follow the government and relevant departments' recommendations to plan the restart of the competition.

  "We will begin to prepare for the return of the Premier League. We are working closely with clubs and related parties, including the government, broadcasters, the Football Association, the Professional Players Association, and the League Coaches Association to develop a responsible, safe and enforceable Season restart plan. "

  "Our top priority is still to ensure the safety of players, coaches, club volunteers, fans and the general community." Masters also said that the 20 clubs at the meeting agreed to maintain the integrity of the season. "We will not reach any agreement before communicating with all players and coaches."

  The statement stated that it was only after consulting with players and coaches that the club could resume training while maintaining social distance. To ensure this, a company will go to the club ’s training base for testing.

  Another topic of discussion is where the Premier League matches will be played. One possibility is to use a neutral position. But Masters emphasized that the shareholder's wish is to complete the rest of the season on the original stadium.

  "Obviously, if possible, all clubs tend to play in their own home." Masters said. (Finish)