Zamalek club president Mortada Mansour made a wise decision when Dr. Mohamed Mashali, known as "Doctor Ghalibah", granted him an honorary membership for him and his families for life in Zamalek Club, after the club president learned that Mohamed Mashali was a fan of Zamalek club, and this decision comes after the episode of "My Heart Rest assured" The doctor refused to help Ghaith during the program and asked him to go to charities to donate.

And Mortada Mansour’s decision not to think about honoring the doctor financially for more than one reason. Therefore, the moral honor was the best on the part of the club’s president.

Muhammad Mashally, "Doctor of the Poor", graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1967 and won the first with a 99.3% payment. The doctor treats the poor 50 years ago for free in his clinic in Tanta, Egypt, and even gives them money to buy medicine and takes only 10 pounds (less than one dollar) in exchange Detection for physically capable patients.

According to his follow-up to the doctor’s life, hundreds of patients line up daily in front of his modest clinic, and Dr. Muhammad works 10 hours a day from 9 am to 7 pm to treat the largest number of patients.

Egyptian media reported that doctor Mohamed Mashally does not own a car, not even a cell phone, and is walking from his home to the clinic on foot, despite the fact that he is 80 years old.

A source close to the doctor said in one of the previous meetings, “When a wealthy man from one of the Arab countries heard about his story, he donated 20 thousand dollars to him and gave him a compassionate car in his condition, but after a year, the philanthropist discovered upon his return to Egypt that the overpowering doctor distributed money to his poor patients and sold the car To buy analytical devices to analyze their patients for free.

The situation was decided once again in the program “My Heart is Rest assured” when the doctor refused to help the presenter of Ghaith, to be the first guest of the program from three years he refuses to help Ghaith and insists on this, which made the presenter cry. Therefore, the president of Zamalek Club preferred to honor the doctor morally and is an honorary membership And, of course, it is a strange decision to make sure the president of the club that the doctor may not benefit from this membership one day because he does not have time to leave the overriding treatment and go to the club in Cairo.

Doctor Muhammad Mashaly said in one of the previous meetings: “After my graduation, I discovered that my father sacrificed the costs of his treatment to make me a doctor ... so I promised God not to take a single penny from a poor or non-existent.”

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