Rugby New League to review the opening season scheduled for next autumn May 11 21:42

The Japan Rugby Association has decided to review the timing of the opening of the new league, which was scheduled to open next fall, due to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

This was announced by Mayumi Taniguchi, the director of the Japan Rugby Association and the new league corporation preparation room, at a press conference on the website on the 11th.

Among them, Mr. Taniguchi said of the new league, "I think it will be difficult for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics to be postponed for one year and the opening immediately after the competition will be difficult. We will consider the schedule in the future, but there is a possibility that it will be the beginning of the year." , Showed the idea of ​​reconsidering the opening time scheduled for next autumn.

Rugby's new league is under preparation to secure the popularity that was born in the World Cup held in Japan last year, with more emphasis on profitability than the current top league, each team has 15,000 spectators Entry requirements include the aim of securing a home stadium that can accommodate people.

Initially, the application deadline was closed once at the end of the last month, but one month after the emergency declaration was lifted, considering that some teams could not prepare the necessary documents due to the influence of the new coronavirus. The deadline has been extended to.

According to the people concerned, several teams such as Panasonic and Sanix in the top league are willing to enter the new league.