• LaLiga: Immune footballers beat those infected with the coronavirus

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, confessed this Sunday that he "would like" the league championship to return on June 12, although he acknowledged that he does not know the exact date to resume the competition because everything will depend on whether there are spikes in coronavirus infections.

"I would like the League to start on June 12, but I do not know what will happen. We do not rush . It will depend on whether there are spikes or not of contagion. That does not depend on football, but on Spanish society," said Tebas, during a interview in the program El Partidazo #VolverEsGanar, from Movistar.

Once the medical tests were completed on the minimum essential personnel of the clubs to start training, LaLiga reported that five cases of asymptomatic positive soccer players were detected. "In a universe of 2,500 tests there have only been five positive players and three more members of the technical bodies. We expected 25 or 30 per statistical issue, so this data is good news for the soccer industry and for Spain", said the president of LaLiga.

Thebes revealed that when the competition starts in June, "if the players and coaches do things right, there shouldn't be any infected."

"If the time came there were several cases it would be negligence because there are established protocols. When the competition arrives, 24 hours before, all the players will be tested and in the game itself, if they have had the PCR, the infection it is practically impossible, "he said.

"We have carried out a study that we will present in the next few days that indicates that where there is less risk is in the parties and more in their homes, but I am confident that all of them will comply with the general sanitary norms," ​​said the president of LaLiga, who at the moment " does not shuffle concentrations of players. "

Javier Tebas stressed on several occasions that "a return to football is possible, only that you have to adapt to the circumstances, which are very complicated."

In that sense, the top leader of LaLiga acknowledged that "no opposition has been found, but ignorance in the comments of what can and cannot be done." "Soccer is not a shock sport to transmit the disease easily because the coronavirus is not transmitted by sweat, it is transmitted by saliva. The risk in a match will be practically zero, almost non-existent," said Tebas, who stressed that "The possibility of failure of the tests that will be done to the players is five percent."

Javier Tebas said that "First and Second will return on the same dates", although he did point out that in Second, not depending on European competitions, "they could get into August a little." The LaLiga president said he was "optimistic" about the return of soccer because "soccer can also be the spearhead for people to see it."

"To return is to win," said Tebas, who revealed that when the competition returns, there will be matches "every day from the first day to the last." "We are close, but there are still fences to jump. We are on the right track," he concluded.

Piqué: "To finish without playing would be ugly"

Gerard Piqué declared this Sunday that "what LaLiga is doing to return to play makes sense" because it is "this or end the season without playing, which would be quite ugly." Piqué gave his opinion about the return to club training on an individual basis to begin preparing for the return to the league competition during the month of June.

"We have been well informed by the clubs about the protocol tests and we are comfortable. The experience of training alone is different, but you have to adapt," said the Catalan center-back.

"Any precautionary measure is welcome. There are many people who are afraid or at least respect the virus and it is important that everyone knows the protocol and strictly abides by it. If each of us complies with what they tell us, everything must go well" he confessed.

For Piqué, the return to football depends on "many interests" and he recognized that "playing without the public does not like it, but it is what it is." "It is either this or staying without finishing the League, which would be quite ugly. What the League is doing makes sense, hopefully everything goes well and there are no infected to start the competition," said Piqué during an interview on the program El Great game.

"We have been unemployed for a long time and with just one month of training I would take more into account that we are better prepared to avoid risk of injury. A few more days of training would not go badly," he confessed.

Finally, Piqué spoke about the possibility of some rallies taking place before playing the matches. "Concentration is a delicate issue because this measure, for the player, is difficult."

"I understand the point of view of the League, but for the players that we listen to, we follow the protocol and we will try not to get infected, the fact of not being at home is hard. If this can be avoided or reduced to the maximum we appreciate it" he concluded.

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