Global football fans are awaiting the fate of the two best player awards in the world, and the Golden Ball 2020, presented by the International Federation (FIFA) and France Football magazine, respectively, in light of the mystery surrounding most of the five major European championships, with the exception of the French League, which decided its position by decision The cancellation and coronation of Paris Saint-Germain as a hero, due to the Corona pandemic (Coved 19).

And just as the world stands bewildered in front of the epidemic with vacillating positions about the dates of returning to the stalled football activity since last March, it seems that the opportunity to crown a player with the golden ball for this year is a fantasy because it lacks weight and value, for several reasons, most notably: The lack of the principle of fairness in selection due to the exceptional circumstances that faced players to move away A long time from the sensitivity of the matches, and the size of the expected damage if the activity resumes with a locally and continually pressed schedule that might make some competitors more vulnerable to injury than others, and the chances of the stars of the European continent in receiving the award diminished after the postponement of the European Championship until next year, and Local spatial complete without other tournaments, as well as the exceptional circumstances experienced by players who had been infected with the virus, led by Argentine Paulo Dybala, after suffering with the disease lasted months and a half months!

Because audiences love interstellar differentiation and similar questions: Who is better? Whichever numbers are better and the most beautiful touches, does he deserve the title of legend? The controversy and contradictions continued even with the matches stopped, and the continuous quarantine period since last March was the appropriate time to obtain the confessions of famous players and coaches and the results of opinion polls in newspapers and websites about the best players in the world, as well as passing the names of the stars unjust to vote by not obtaining prizes Singles they deserve.

The truth would not have appeared in natural circumstances until the isolation of "the year of Corona" came to reveal bold statements from the legend of the former Brazil national team, "Ronaldo", who said in a direct dialogue with the former Italian star Del Piero via "Instagram": "There are players who did not win the ball." The Golden, Del Piero, Maldini and Totti, as well as Raul Gonzalez, and I can add Roberto Carlos, all of these were worthy of the coronation did not take their right! ». Ronaldo's statement "The Phenomenon" revealed the injustice of the award to the players of his time, but what about the modern era that witnessed an era in which Argentine Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo monopolized the golden ball, despite the right of other players to win it, led by the Spanish Andres Iniesta (Euro champion with His country is the best player in the nations of Europe 2012), and the Dutch Wesley Schneider (he achieved the three champions, league and cup with Inter Milan and reached the World Cup final with impressive performance in 2010), and the Frenchman Franck Ribery (achieved three with Bayern Munich, Germany 2013), did excessive fans contributed to Real Madrid Barcelona, ​​and The state of media attention, and the marketing and public appeal of Messi (six golden balls) and Ronaldo (five balls) in denying these stars even from some of these prizes that they monopolized?

While emphasizing the value of Ronaldo and Messi over the past years, many went to consider one of the best in football history, but the testimony of Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho seems convincing to many, as he recently said: “Cristiano and Messi have enjoyed staying on top for 15 years, but if we talk Seriously about talent and skill, no one beats Ronaldo (Nazario).

It is also quarantine, the results of the referendum «Marca» to respond to Mourinho, after Cristiano Ronaldo won the title of best player in history by obtaining 246 thousand votes out of 450 participants, beating Messi (209 thousand votes) in the final round of voting, and the irony is that Brazilian Ronaldo and Argentine legend Diego Maradona left the semi-finals, third and fourth, respectively.

What is remarkable in the "Corona Year" is that the fans cannot determine a star that deserves to be the best, and it seems the best option, as requested by the Spanish newspaper "AS" a few days ago, to cancel individual prizes this year, especially if other patrols tended to launch the end-of-season whistle as he did The French, will the fans be on a date with the award canceled this year after 64 years of celebrations and loud lights, because health standards for selection are not met?

5 reasons why choosing the best player in the world 2020 is "unfair"

Long stay away from the sensitivity of matches.

Players play compressed games, some of them were injured, but not others (if the activity resumes).

The ability to complete local tournaments and cancel other.

There are players who may not be recovering fully, such as Paulo Dybala, who was previously infected with the virus.

The European stars ’chances of winning the award diminished after the most important European Nations Championship was postponed this year.

Will the prize be canceled after 64 years of celebrations and noisy lights?

Iniesta, Schneider and Ribery, and before them Pirlo, Del Peru and Totti, have been unjust to the history of the award.

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