Mother's Day Lotte Aki Sasaki Words of gratitude to her mother May 10 11:04

On the 10th of "Mother's Day", professional baseball / Lotte draft rookie Sasaki Aki gave a word of gratitude to his mother in the video distributed by the team.

Sasaki was a 9-year-old living in Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture, and suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake, losing his father and grandparents.

Sasaki pitched "Mother's Day" for the first time as a professional baseball player on the 10th, and in a video distributed by the team on the Internet, "It is thanks to his mother that he can live like this now. I am very grateful because I think, "he said.

Also, as a memory of Mother's Day, "I gave my mother a handkerchief at the 100 yen shop when I was in elementary school. I thought that I would be happy with 100 yen, but I was happy," he smiled and looked back. It was

And for the children who celebrated "Mother's Day," "I think it's not a price, even if you give a gift. If you can convey your feelings, I think you will understand, so anything is possible, so something I would like to do it. "