The Wall Street Journal of America paid attention to the phenomenon that the professional baseball KBO League is attracting attention in the United States.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the KBO league being broadcast across the United States in an article titled "(Idol Group) BTS- (Movie) Parasite to Korean Baseball".

The newspaper said, "Until recently, Americans knew only about Korean products, such as Samsung phones and Hyundai cars." But now the situation is completely different. "

Following, "(Psy's) Gangnam Style, BTS hit the United States, and earlier this year, director Bong Joon-ho's film parasite swept the Academy Awards."

He said, "Now, another Korean cultural export has arrived in the United States." The KBO League suddenly entered the US market, and is now the most prominent professional baseball league on the planet. "

He also explained that the reason why KBO League was loved by American sports fans is because of the public's consciousness to participate in the excellent treatment of quarantine and social distance.

The Wall Street Journal explained, "Korea has effectively controlled the proliferation of Corona 19 and has brought the opening of a professional baseball game."

The media predicted that more baseball fans would watch the KBO League if the major league suspension period continued.

He also explained the competitiveness of Korean baseball as a product.

The media said, "Korean baseball does not have enough information to be felt by American baseball fans when compared to Japanese baseball." However, Korean baseball has one 'definite content'. "

This is 'Bat Flip (a serie that throws a bat after hitting a home run, etc.)'.

The bat flip is contraindicated in the United States as an act of stimulating the pitcher, but in the KBO League, a small number of players freely do the bat flip.

American baseball fans are thrilled to see this.

"The showmanship played by Korean baseball players is playing a major role in attracting the attention of major league fans," Wall Street Journal said.

(Photo = Yonhap News)